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Kinder Fall Party

Event Chair: Jen Cleary


It's time for the Fall Class Party!  This year we will be doing a campus wide Scavenger Hunt and we need some help moving the students from one clue to the next.  Clues are located around the school.  Please sign up for the class your child is in. 

Each class will be assigned a color for their Class Team.  Support your Child's Team and wear their Class Color when you volunteer.  Click HERE for list of class colors.


November 3, 2017

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable SpotsItem Details
Wilson 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: carolyn c.travis cooley
#2: Kim B.Rush's mom
Bell 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: Katie K.Megan Kieke
#2: Karen S.Lucy Shier
Otto 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: Kristen H.Jensen
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Clements 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: Christine S.Clements
#2: Anamaria B.Clements
Roy 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: Courtney D.Roy
#2: Alejandra B.Mrs Roy
Garrity 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: Sondra U.Cally Uhrie
#2: Alicia S.Jaxon Stoffers
Kinder-Howard 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: Rebecca N.Howard
#2: Holly M.Howard
Brown 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: Carrie C.Madison Cochran
#2: ALICIA O.Brown
Schwalm 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: Bethany G.Schwalm
#2: Melissa K.Schwalm
Grice 12:05 PM 1:10 PM#1: Bethany H.Nathan Henry
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