• Interested in volunteering?

You can make a difference!  Our PTA plays an important part in the success of our children’s experience at James Randolph Elementary.

Below are some of the ways you can participate.  Some roles are more involved and others require only a small amount of volunteering time.  Either way, YOU are making a difference.

Sign up today!  Simply fill out the Volunteer interest form below and our VP of VIPS will contact you.

You may also look through the offerings online and sign-up for any that are interesting to you


Log Your Off-Campus Hours

Click here to log in your 2018-2019 “off campus” volunteer hours. Please remember that all “on-campus” volunteer hours are automatically calculated and submitted for you via the Raptor system when you check in at the front office. Volunteer hours are VERY important at JRE! Off-campus hours include activities such as but, not limited to: planning time, …

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