Long Sleeve Simply Randolph Tee


Pink cotton shirt featuring JRE navy lettering on the front and “Seek Magic Every Day,”  “Simply Randolph” and a JRE flower with dog print on the backside.

*Please note… this shirt runs about two sizes small. Please take that into consideration when ordering and maybe order two sizes up.


Student’s Name

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Additional Information

Homeroom Teacher

.Meet the Teacher Gym Pickup, Andrade, H, Baker, L, Beebe, A, Bell, B, Bizzell, S, Brown, C, Carmichael, J, Charles, K, Clements, P, Cochenour, C, Curley, E, Davis, L, Dockal, G, Elias, M, Flores, S, Frost, C, Galaviz, K, Guzzetta, K, Hart, K, Hilliard, L, Hinze, K, Hodge, J, Hord, K, Horowitz, T, Howard, M, Jones, B, Jones, V, Kaiser, A, Kelley, C, Lawson, A, Letson, P, Mabry, K, McWatters, N, Mulder, J, Munoz, C, Neher, D, Novosel, A, Painter, S, Pineda, J, Redditt, S, Reed, S, Roach, K, Roy, A, Schwalm, M, Shah, H, Summerford, C, Tryon, A, Tsika, P, Wade, J, Weihrauch, K, Wilson (Sneider), T, Wood, N, Yarochowicz, T