Daddy + Daughter Sweetheart Dance RSVP

Daddy Daughter Sweetheart Dance 2019

The JRE PTA would like to invite all Dads* and their Daughters attending JRE to a Sweetheart Dance Friday, February 8th, from 6-8 PM at the Randolph Elementary Gym. *A relative or close friend is welcome to accompany student if Dad is not available. *Only daughters registered as JRE students are eligible to attend.
  • Daddy's Information*

    *If Dad is unavailable to attend, a relative or friend may accompany your student.
  • The corsages are $10 each and will be available to pick up the day of the event. More information will be sent home soon. ❤️
  • Daughter #1 Information

  • Daughter #2 Information

  • Daughter #3 Information